Talk to you about the cleaning of oil-free air compressors
When we use oil-free air compressors daily, we should pay attention to those cleaning matters. The following editor will talk to you:
1. Monitor the compressor temperature. The compressor generates a lot of heat. Because spring has unpredictable temperature fluctuations, the temperature is closely monitored to avoid overheated equipment and expensive downtime.
2. Check the ventilation of the compressor room. Warming conditions may cause the machine to overheat-usually due to the lack of proper ventilation in the compressor room.
Quan Wei Yongying oil-free air compressor
3. Pay attention to humidity. Warmer air can hold more water vapor. When the air temperature drops, this moisture will condense-the addition of water means that the risk of water entering the compressed air system is higher. Deal with this problem by protecting your dryer, drain pipe and condensate collector!
4. View filters. Pollen and other dust are more in the air. Your filter will filter all kinds of dust, if the environment is bad, this may cause the filter to become clogged.
5. Establish a preventive protection plan. Regardless of the season, timing protection can keep your compressor in good condition!
The above is the editor's personal views on the cleaning of oil-free air compressors. I hope it will help you when choosing an oil-free air compressor.