What should I do if there is abnormal noise from the oil-free air compressor?
The abnormal noise of the air compressor can be divided into three situations. The following are the specific reasons and solutions for each situation:
1. There is noise in the cylinder
① Foreign matter or broken valve is dropped into the cylinder to remove foreign matter or broken valve;
② The top of the piston collides with the cylinder head, the gap should be adjusted;
③ The connecting rod large-end bushing, small-end bushing and piston cross hole are excessively worn and should be replaced;
④ The piston ring is excessively worn, and the impact occurs in the ring groove during operation. Replace the piston ring;
⑤ There is water in the cylinder.

2, there is a noise in the valve
① If the inlet and exhaust valve groups are not compressed, the fastening nuts of the square cover of the valve chamber should be tightened;
② If the valve spring is damaged, replace it in time;
③ The bolts and nuts of the valve combination are loose, tighten the nuts;
④ The gap between the valve plate and the bonnet is too large, adjust the gap, and replace the valve plate if necessary

3, there is noise in the crankcase
① The connecting rod bearing is excessively worn, replace it with a new one;
② The connecting rod bolt is not tightened, tighten it;
③ If the flywheel is not installed tightly or the key fit is too loose, it should be installed tightly;
④ The main bearing is damaged, replace the bearing;
⑤ If the oil retaining ring on the crankshaft is loose, replace the oil retaining ring with a new one.

Because each air compressor manufacturer has differences in production batches and models, when the machine has problems or needs maintenance and inspection, you should contact the air compressor manufacturer so that you can easily solve the air compressor in production. Problems encountered in the process.